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Storing Your Car in a Storage Unit: Essential Tips

For short-term car storage, a storage unit can be an ideal solution. Although not a common task, storing a car in a storage unit is straightforward, and this guide outlines essential steps to ensure your car is stored correctly.

Selecting an Adequately Sized Storage Unit

Ensure the storage unit is large enough for your car, including space for open doors. Measure your vehicle with doors open to guarantee a perfect fit. Consider the space needed to exit the car comfortably, including the width of the mirrors if exiting through the boot.

Use a Jack or Blocks for Support

Elevating your car off the ground using a jack or blocks is beneficial, especially if storing for more than a month. This reduces pressure on the tires and suspension, preserving their condition. If not using a jack, keep tires inflated to the manufacturer's maximum recommended pressure and check them regularly.

Thoroughly Clean Your Car Before Storage

Cleaning your car is crucial before storage. Remove any food remnants to avoid attracting pests and clean off dust or dirt to prevent stubborn grime buildup. Consider a car cover for added protection against dust while in storage.

Keep the Gas Tank Full

Filling up the gas tank helps prevent condensation inside the tank during storage. Use a fuel stabilizer to maintain the fuel quality over extended periods.

Special Considerations for Classic Cars

For classic cars, consult a car specialist for specific storage advice. They may suggest specialized storage solutions or additional steps to preserve your vehicle in its best condition.


Storing your car in a storage unit requires careful planning and preparation. By following these tips, you can ensure your vehicle remains in good condition during its storage period.

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