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How Can I Store a Mattress in a Storage Unit

Placing a mattress in a storage unit requires careful consideration, especially given the potential for high humidity and temperature variations that could affect the quality of stored bedding. While it's not the most recommended option for long-term storage of bedding, sometimes using a storage unit is unavoidable. Here's how to minimize the risk of damage such as mold growth on your mattress:

1. Select a Suitable Storage Unit: Opt for a storage unit with stable temperature conditions. This environment is crucial to prevent issues like mold and mildew, which are common concerns for mattresses in storage.

2. Deep Clean the Mattress: Properly cleaning your mattress is vital before storage. Use effective cleaning tools, like a vacuum cleaner, to remove dust and allergens. For deeper cleaning, consider using an extension cord for enhanced vacuuming power. Customers often report that their mattresses look nearly new after such thorough cleaning, free from stains or other issues.

3. Use a Quality Mattress Cover: A good mattress protector is essential. It helps reduce moisture buildup in the storage environment, which is a primary cause of mold and mildew, potentially damaging the mattress.

4. Alternative Storage Solutions: In absence of a suitable storage unit, consider using your garage for storage. Secure any openings in the mattress or its cover with strong tape. Additionally, you might use an airtight plastic bag to further protect against moisture.

5. Employ Robust Storage Bags: For additional protection, especially when storing bedding away from home, robust freezer bags are a good option. Some individuals also use vacuum sealers to ensure that no moisture or external elements compromise the bedding.

6. Vertical Storage for Mattresses: If you have both a mattress and box spring, avoid laying them flat on the floor. Instead, store your mattress in an upright position. This approach helps prevent warping and potential damage, especially over extended storage periods.

While storing a mattress in a storage unit isn't the ideal scenario, following these guidelines can help safeguard against common issues like mold and preserve the quality of your mattress.

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